How we treat

At your initial assessment we will undertake a thorough evaluation which will include a discussion about your injury or complaint, It’s a good idea to come to your treatment wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirt is ideal) and to bring shoes you are able to be active in.  Most of our treatment sessions involve some ‘hands-on’ treatment, unless you specify otherwise.

What to Expect

Your first session will involve spending time listening to you about your problem and what you want. This is then followed by a detailed physical examination of your problem until we can give you an accurate diagnosis. We want to make sure we have all of the relevant information to help us make an informed decision on the diagnosis and the correct course of treatment.

At the end of the assessment, if requested a full treatment session will begin. Most of our treatment sessions involve some ‘hands-on’ treatment, unless you specify otherwise. If we identify anything that needs a multidisciplinary team approach with other experts, then with your consent we will also write a letter to your GP or a Consultant detailing the assessment findings, diagnosis, current treatment and any urgent matters that need attention for your health and wellbeing.

Burton Physiotherapy & Spinal Centre clinicians will ensure you are treated with a proactive approach to help you return to your previous activity levels. gentle therapy and will only ever progress to more aggressive treatments if deemed necessary. Follow up treatments will involve various forms of treatment including soft tissue and Myofascial release, postural adjustments, spinal manipulations, acupuncture (dry needling), electrotherapy, spinal traction, exercise, Kinetic Taping.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

At Burton Physiotherapy & Spinal Centre we are certain that a small amount of your time to pay attention to your healthcare needs is far less expensive, time consuming and stressful than trying to regain it. Treatments are not only suitable for patients with ill-health, pain, disability or injury but can also be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t suffer with a small problem, it often will turn into a bigger and chronic problem that will take longer to treat or may even become incurable.


  • Movement analysis
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Strength and stability evaluation
  • Postural analysis
  • Palpation of both affected and unaffected areas that can be linked to your condition

Chaperone policy

Patients are welcome to attend any appointment with another person. Chaperones are mandatory for all minors. As a practice we are unable to offer a member of staff to be chaperone.

Help & Advice

If you are unsure whether you would benefit from physiotherapy, please feel free to ring or e-mail us for advice. By contacting us at the onset of your problem, we can help you return to full function in the quickest possible time. Most conditions can be treated and resolved quicker the earlier they are diagnosed and treated. Long-standing chronic problems often require more treatment than those diagnosed and treated early so don’t leave it festering until it’s too late!

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Getting you the right physio kit

We have partnered with sports healthcare product specialist, Physique Management, so we can recommend the best products to continue your treatment regime away from the clinic, and you can gain from additional offers that are only available to our patients.

Ask in clinic for more details